Sunday, March 7, 2010

About CHAT

Sharing Our Stories
Together we work for sustainable development in George Town, UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Cultural Heritage Action Team (CHAT) was formed in January 2009. CHAT is an alliance comprising of volunteer conservation architects, historians, heritage practitioners and educationists who have come together to share information, knowledge and problems and lobby for right policies to be implemented to serve and sustain the built and cultural heritage of George Town.

CHAT works on the ground to engage critical gatekeepers in the community and government agencies. It creates platforms that facilitate dialogue and discussion on issues related to cultural conservation and sustainability.

Since February 2009, we have steered stakeholder engagement initiatives by facilitating dialogues, workshops and discussions on built and cultural heritage of the World Heritage Site- George Town.

Stakeholders include:

1) Government agencies

2) Property Owners & Real Estate Agencies

3) House owners and tenants

4) Businesses and SMEs

5) Research groups

6) Building Contractors

Programs in 2009 included:

1) Setting up an advisory team

2) Research and compilation of literature related to the site

3) Development of educational materials and publications

4) Educational walks and talks on built/living heritage conservation for stakeholders

5) Monitoring of site and negotiation of conflict situations

6) Engagement with government agencies setting up of World Heritage Site office

7) Feedback on guidelines for conservation areas & heritage buildings prepared by

Municipal Council of Penang Island

8) Multilateral planning with stakeholders in setting up preliminary organisational structure of

World Heritage Site Office

9) Knowledge exchange with government agencies

10) Training, research and education services

11) Dissemination of information to the public through CDs, publication and website

Team Members:

1. Gwynn Jenkins, Researcher

2. Janet Pillai, Educationist

3. Khoo Salma, Historian

4. Kuah Li Feng, Researcher

5. Laurence Loh, Architect

6. Lim Gaik Siang, Heritage Supporter

7. Lim Yoke Mui, Researcher

8. Ooi Bok Kim, Architect

9. Tan Yeow Wooi, Architect & Conservationist

10. Tengku Idaura bt Tengku Ibrahim, Heritage Supporter

11. Ho Sheau Fung, Secretariat

12. Chen Yoke Pin, Secretariat