Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Building Permits

"RECONSTRUCTION" means the process of accurately reproducing by new
construction, the form and detail of a vanished structure, or part of it, as it appeared at some
period in time and includes full or partial reconstruction;

[Interpretation 2(1) National Heritage Bill 2005]


means aiming to halt further deterioration, decay or a state of
dilapidation and providing structural safety and well being but does not contemplate
significant rebuilding and includes—

techniques of arresting or slowing the process of deterioration, decay or state of
dilapidation of an item or structure;
improvement of structural conditions to make a structure safe, habitable,
or otherwise useful; and
(c) normal maintenance and minor repairs that do not change or adversely affect the fabric
or historic appearance of a structure;


“CONSERVATION" includes preservation, restoration, reconstruction,
rehabilitation and adaptation or any combination;

[Interpretation 2(1) National Heritage Bill 2005]


"RESTORATION" means the process of accurately recovering the form and details
of a structure or part of a structure and its setting, as it appeared at some period in time,
by removing the latter work and replacing the missing original work, and includes—

(a) full restoration which involves both exterior and interior;
partial restoration which involves the exterior, interior, or any partial combination and is
adopted when only parts of a structure are important in illustrating cultural values at its
level of historic significance, or contribute to the values for which the area was designated;
adaptive restoration which involves all or a portion of the exterior restoration with the
interior adapted to a modern functional use;

[Interpretation 2(1) National Heritage Bill 2005]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Informative Blog

We hope this blog will provide you with the basic info on George Town - UNESCO World Heritage Site particularly on conservation and restoration as well as promoting of our heritage.


Latest News

Marking George Town

The State Government of Penang, Malaysia invites submissions for an international competition for design ideas to physically brand the historic city of George Town, Penang in conjunction with its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Penang Shophouse Typology and Launching of 'Heritage Conservation Counter'

George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site

On 7th July 2008, George Town and Melaka were inscribed together as a World Heritage Site validating their outstanding ‘cultural heritage’. The built and living environment of the two ‘historic port cities on the Straits of Melaka’ reflect the unique coming together of multi-cultural elements from the Malay Archipelago, India, China and Europe to create an architectural and cultural townscape unparallelled in the world today.

Boundary Site Map

Some important facts:
1. Total of 259.42 hektar inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site
2. Core Zone: 109.38 ha , Buffer Zone: 150.04 ha

George Town Outstanding Universal Value (OUV)

UNESCO assessed 3 outstanding universal values (OUVs) which highlights to the world a rare example of ‘multiculturalism’, forged from the unique ‘meeting’ of various cultures at the historic ports cities of Melaka and George Town.

The built and living environment in George Town is testimony of the meeting and layering of various sub-cultures from India, China, the Malay Archipelago and Europe

a) OUV Criteria (ii) – Multicultural Trading Towns forged from exchanges of Cultures

Melaka and George Town represent exceptional examples of trading towns in Southeast Asia, forged from the mercantile, religious and cultural exchanges’ of several civilizations (Malay, Chinese, Indian and European), with each culture having left its imprint on the built and living environment.

(b) OUV Criteria (iii)  – Testimony to Multicultural Tangible and Intangible Heritage
Melaka and George Town are living testimony to the multi cultural tangible and intangible heritage and tradition of Asia and Europe’s colonial power….expressed in the living environment with its great variety of religious and cultural practices, many languages, festivals, art and music, food and lifestyles

(c) OUV Criteria (iv) – Melting pot of Multicultural Architecture and Townscape
Melaka and George Town display a mixture of influences which has created a unique architecture, culture and townscape……. with an exceptional range of eclectic shophouses and townhouses, religious buildings of different faiths, public buildings with colonial influence.

Brief Early History of George Town